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Music is communication.

Music is communication.

Music has the power to unite like nothing else on earth.
It’s an opportunity to listen, and an opportunity to be heard. It’s harmony and it’s synergy.


In a nutshell, music is teamwork. And that’s what inspires One Day Anthem.

The process.

It all starts with a blank page, in a safe and supported space. Your team leader picks the theme and genre for the day.

Then, through a guided, collaborative songwriting process, your team’s One Day Anthem begins to emerge.


You’ll learn and laugh, sing and smile…but it doesn’t end there!

Inspirational Leaders.

Our world-class facilitators are established musicians, recording engineers and producers, each in high demand for their skills, ideas and talents. They are also trained educators, having taught at under/post-grad music education level. They’ve worked with the likes of Basement Jaxx, Taylor Swift, Craig David, Sam Smith and Elbow.

...and they’re yours for the day!

The Result

Your team will come away from the day stronger, closer and more connected. Imagine what that motivated, high-performing team will achieve. You’ll leave with a fully mixed and mastered track and accompanying film as a lasting keepsake of the day you channelled your inner Ed Sheeran, and possibly even air-grabbed for the first time.

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It’s a simple concept, but it’s totally unique.

It takes our expertise, professional qualifications and extensive experience to deliver it and that’s why corporates are climbing over each other to have a go.

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